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Consumables    Almit offers an expanding range of consumable products
to provide the highest quality total soldering solutions to
electronics manufacturers. Again, the emphasis is on
consistency underpinned by a company-wide commitment
to proactive support and fast delivery across Europe.

From flux pens for rework to wipes for surface & stencil
cleaning and bulk screen wash fluids, Almit's consumable
products are unsurpassed in performance and quality.





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 Flux Rework Pens
 Possibly the rework operator's best friend. Almit's flux rework pens are
specially designed to dispense minimal flux on the board during rework
to allow highly accurate touch-ups. Precise control of flux during this
sensitive process dramatically reduces post-rework issues such as
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 Refillable Flux Pen
Almit's refillable flux pen is small in size but has a large capacity,
with a fine tip that allows you to get into the smallest of areas.
You control the amount of material flow by gently squeezing the
barrel. It can be used with many different kinds of materials, such
as flux, alcohol, protective coatings, lubricating oil, inks and
adhesives. Easy to refill.