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SuperDry Cabinet  Super Dry Cabinet

    Super Dry cabinets are auto-electronic, moisture-proof
   storage solutions.
   Store and protect your electronic components at less
   than 5%RH or 10%RH, as per IPC/JEDEC J-STD 033.
   Storage of components at this ultrahumidity level can
   reset the clock and extend your components shelf-life.
   It can eliminate baking. Room temperature dessication of
   electronic parts will reduce potential defects introduced
   during aggressive "bake-out". Can be used for Bare-Board
   storage - put an end to Oxidation!

   Create constant RH controlled environments in the
   laboratory, inhibit the formation of moulds on precision
   optics. Super Dry cabinets are damp-proof storage that
   keeps your dry materials dry and your tools rust-free.
   Protect your audio/video data, priceless treasures,
   valuable collectables etc.

          Why is Super Dry the No.1 Dry Cabinet in the world?

         Quality Manufacturing - Built to exacting ISO 9001 standards with quality control
         and perfect performance in mind.
         ESD Safe Design - Cabinet body, doors and glass panels are shielded with a
         conductive coating. All cabinets are equipped with a 1MOhm ground wire.
         Special Dehumidification - Super Dry cabinets are installed with U-2001 dry units to
         absorb the moisture and finally discharge it as vapour through the rear of the
         Exceptional Recovery Times - Every cabinet has contact switches on each of the
         doors to control an air circulation fan inside the unit. When the door is opened
         the fan stops, when the door is closed the fan starts again to accelerate the
         absorbing of the moisture inside the cabinet.

         Super Dry cabinets have been successfully put to the test at customers facilities
         all over the world.
         1400 users in 26 countries have decided that Super Dry is their choice!

           Dry Cabinet Range

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